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12 Photographers – Two Questions, Part 3

Continuing our discussion with 12 photographers and two questions. This time they answer the question: “What is the best moment or time in your photographic career and what did you learn from it? ——————————————————— Blake Wöken The Best On assignment in the wilderness of Alaska for over a month sounds, to most, like a romantic, […]

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12 Photographers – Two Questions

There seems to be an endless stream of bad news in the US commercial photo industry these days. I read and hear about it all the time – photographers working for less, even being asked to work for free in some cases. Microstock, Flickr, CGI, you name it – all are taking jobs away from […]

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We Are More Than Our Tools

(from Luke Copping’s Blog) We Are More Than Our Tools by LUKE I have been part of a lot of conversations lately in which other parties have tried to equate photographic skill solely with the tools involved in creating images. These conversations have ranged from simply uninformed to downright accusatory, and the sources range in background […]

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