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LA Auto Show Part 3

But wait! There”s more !!!

Mustang Laguna Seca Package

As usual the American cars tend to not catch my interest much, but I did like this Laguna Seca version of the ”stang.

Honda CRZ Hybrid R

This little Honda caught my eye. It”s too small for my taste but looks like it would be a blast to drive and looks cool too!

Honda CRZ Hybrid R
Stephanie makes this Jeep seem inviting.

Poor Stephanie was so bored until I came along. She had the task of working the Jeep display which was a ghost town when I strolled up. So I struck up a conversation, took some photos and then was on my way leaving us both smiling.

The Nissan Leaf
People checking out the Leaf”s power port.
Nissan Ellure Concept Vehicle
Nissan Ellure Concept Vehicle
Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

Chick-car for sure, especially in that color!

Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet
Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet
Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

When I visited the Galpin Aston Martin exhibit I had to be aware to not let anyone notice the drool running down my face. These cars really tug at my heart. Maybe someday I”ll be able to afford one. For now I settled for sitting in one.

Aston Martin
Aston Martin

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is this shiny Aston Martin Vantage.

Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe

OK when I strolled up Geeves was giving some rich old farts a tour of the Drophead Coupe like we were at the dealership.  Pretty hilarious. He showed them how once you get in the car there is even a button that closes the door for you. I guess you leave the opening of the door to the Chauffeur. No button for that.

Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe

This car is the ultimate over-the-top luxury. I can”t fathom driving this but I could get used to it. The V12 power must be insane to hurtle this 5000lb luxury box to 60mph in 5.6 sec!

Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe

Check out the incredible wood and leather craftsmanship. Insane!

Tango Commuter Car

OK the guy assured me they are safe, but I sure wouldn”t risk my life in one on the roads. Would be fun on the golf course though!

Tango Commuter Car
You can see all my photos from the auto show on my Flickr Page.

LA Auto Show Part 2

After stuffing myself on hors d”ouvres and chardonnay at the Porsche Cayman R launch party went back over to the main hall for more exhibits.
Stunningly beautiful Jaguar concept car
This thing looks FAST!
Scion had an impressive display as expected.

The Fisker Karma

Fisker had a very good spot just inside the main entry doors to the hall. There were so many people around the Karma, that I could barely get a shot off. That car is hot. They are using a new, proprietary paint job using glass flakes to make it shimmer more. Seems to have worked. The paint job is stunning!

The top of the roof on the Fisker Karma is all solar cells.

Next up was a trip over to Subaru where I caught the launch of the 4-door Impreza concept. I was not aware of the details until the launch, but apparently Subaru is doing quite well, even setting sales records despite the tough economic conditions currently present in the North American auto market. After the launch it was more free-flowing champagne and branded thumb drive giveaways. It doesn”t get much better than strolling the auto show with a glass of champagne. Life is good!

Subaru Impreza Concept Launch
Subaru Impreza Concept
Subaru Impreza Concept Launch
Subaru 2011 STI
A very sleek, sexy BMW 6-Series Coupe
Yes, that is a Fiat!

Showing the ultimate in fortitude Fiat re-enters the North American auto market with the Fiat 500. I didn”t spend much time at the Fiat exhibit. These cars do absolutely nothing for me. I did pick up a nice Fiat-branded espresso cup and thumb drive. Thanks Fiat!Stay tuned for part 3 in my LA Auto Show series.

LA Auto Show Part 1

Oh how I love the LA Auto Show! Its arrival, in a bright and shiny package, not only signals the beginning of the holiday season but it serves as a subtle reminder that we are all a year older. I go to the show for two reasons. The first is to oggle at all the cars and take pictures and the other is to network of course! If I”m lucky I get to see friends in the the biz from years past that for whatever reason our paths have not crossed until the show. It seems to be one of those days when people lower their protective fences a bit and have fun with their peers, cohorts and sometimes even competition. Some of us gorge ourselves on the food and free-flowing champagne many manufacturers offer the press. Other”s of us are on a mission to collect as many freebie, bags and schwag as we can carry. I particularly enjoy having fewer people around and being able to basically have the run of the place.There was plenty to oggle at this year, especially over at the Porsche exhibit. Their food was pretty darn good. People seemed to be less stingy with food and schwag this year. I think I picked up about 10 thumb drives branded with various manufacturers as giveaways, a few bags, an espresso cup from Fiat, and literature of course. Yes, you heard me, Fiat officially launched itself into the maelstrom known as the US auto market at the LA Auto Show. Whew! That there takes some fortitude and I commend them and wish them best of luck. I only posted some of the photos below. The whole gallery is on my Flickr page.
My press pass
South Hall Overview
I love this car!
I would love to photograph this car in the studio!
Cadillac Crossover Concept
Cool Rover Evoque Wireframe Art
SMART Electric Bicycle

2011 Cayman Launch Event
Hi-$$$ models surround the Cayman R
Quite The Show for the Paparazzi!
2011 Porsche Cayman R
This car was getting no attention.

Stay tuned for the second part of my 2010 LA Auto Show post.