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Mmmmm a Beer Shoot!

I’ve been a patron of Cismontane Brewing in Orange County, California for several years but only recently did I get the chance to do some work for them. Evan Weinberg, co-founder of Cismontane reached out to me, looking for a quick-turnaround shoot for some POS displays to go in a local grocery store. I was stoked to help them out. I stopped by the brewery to hand pick the best bottles and labels, then headed to my studio to get to work. Evan and I settled on a clean, classy look for the lighting that would make the bottles and labels be the focus of the shot. I framed the shot with a low camera angle to make each bottle more heroic in stature. I used a combination of soft boxes, diffusion and hard light to capture the images I needed. Then I headed into my Photoshop lab to composite and make what I had envisioned come to life. When I sent the files over to Evan his response was “They look killer! You are the man!”

Here are a few of the finished shots.

Here is a composite shot I did for myself after Cismontane got what they needed.

bottles_group_1800x1200_wmIt was a tough day in the studio. Too bad we weren’t doing any pour shots. Those can really make you thirsty and it’s hard to let that beer go to waste! Here are a few behind the scenes shots.

2013 LA Auto Show

As usual my visit to the LA Auto Show was a smattering of networking and seeing friends/industry cohorts I haven’t seen in a while and of gawking at all that beautiful sheet metal. It’s really an amazing experience on press days, where the auto companies are vying for the media attention by trying to one-up each other with presentations, new car debuts, press kit kit giveaways, free wine, beer, champagne, and pretty woman showing off their cars, etc. It’s a tough job out there sometimes, but heh, somebody’s got to do it. Right?

Here are some grab shots from my visit. Enjoy.

I found a car I could live with…if I could only afford it!

Some press swag…with integrated thumb drive. Pretty cool!