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Trail Work…Time to Give Back

I spent most of my Saturday doing some trail work on The Luge up the Santa Anas. The Warriors Society had a work event to repair a section of failing trail. This trail took alot of damage in the fires last fall. Even though this area of the forest is still closed, our group has permission to access the forest to patrol and perform trail work. Here’s a link to ┬áthe write-up on Socal Trail Riders.

Acura MDX CGI Photo Shoot

Just wrapped up a CGI shoot with Acura last week for the 2009 MDX. We shot background plates and HDRI dome down at The PIke in Long Beach, CA. The shoot went really smooth since we had a really great crew for the shoot.

We used the Biax dolly from Move-n-Shoot which worked out really well. The dolly moves on two axes to simulate the motion that we would get if we had a camera rig on a car. I prefer this more organic method of blurring the background instead of trying to reproduce it in post.

Look for the shot on the model landing page of in a couple months.