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Joshua Tree Trip

Oh man. When transferring blog servers some of my blog posts disappeared into the netherworld and this was one of them. So I am attempting to re-create the original post. This re-do won’t be as good since it’s not fresh in my mind anymore, but hey better than nothing I guess. At least I’ll get the photos up.

Packing the gear for the trip

Canon 5D and 1DsMk2 shooting simultaneously. 5D on a Kessler motorized Cineslider

Night 5D set-up on the Kessler Revolution Head with Oracle Controller

HDR result from the Cholla Gardens

Started to rain so I took cover under the rear hatch

Set-up for sunset time lapse dolly move

Joshua Tree Time Lapse Teaser

OK so life keeps getting in the way of editing, so my Joshua Tree blog post is going to be delayed. Here’s a little RAW teaser:

White Tank – Joshua Tree from John Early on Vimeo.

To see it bigger and better got straight to Vimeo

Joshua Tree Trip

Man am I tired! Just spent three days out in Joshua Tree shooting stock and testing time lapse. I can hardly wait to start processing and editing! Right after I pay some bills and finish a couple estimates. Stay tuned for the story and pictures in the next couple days…

Time Lapse Lettuce

Have been experimenting lately with time lapse imagery. Here’s a test I did of some wilting lettuce on spec for a local ad agency. This is a 9-day time lapse of a wilting head of Napa cabbage. I left in the time lapse portion of me setting up the shot in the beginning because I thought it looked cool. The experiment ended when the light source bulb burned out.

Napa Cabbage Experiment from John Early on Vimeo.