“Start Up 2011″ Self-Promo

On a recent business trip to San Francisco, my rep Lenlee came up with a great promo idea. We were at ATTIK and were in the middle of a portfolio show when co-founder Simon Needham came rushing by in conversation with another guy. Lenlee and I were both eager to introduce ourselves. But it wasn’t our day. He was too busy and was going from one meeting to another. So Lenlee came up with the idea of sending him a unique thumb drive later with my “show” on it. Sure thumb drives are nothing new, but this one in the shape of a key was cool! The idea evolved and we decided to do a limited run of about 100 keys to hand-picked creatives.

We’ll be shipping it in a plain white cardboard box with my branded label on it.

The recipient will open the box to reveal a nice little metal tin the size of an Altoids box with my logo on it.

When the recipient opens that they will see my business card. You’ll notice I went real minimalist on the business card. I don’t usually use business cards anyway but decided this promo needed something visual and informative before the prize.

When they remove the business card they will see a nice shiny chrome 4 Gb thumb drive in the shape of a key. The front side is laser-etched with my logo and the backside with my URL johnearly.com.

I pre-loaded the key with a tongue-in-cheek PDF résumé loaded with hotlinks, my print portfolios as well as a few VR and multimedia teasers and a behind the scenes video. To peak the recipient’s interest I put this all in a folder called “Start Up 2011.” I am hoping no one can resist seeing what’s inside?

admin - February 7, 2011 - 7:43 pm

Thanks Luke!

Luke Copping - February 2, 2011 - 9:14 am

Brilliant promo piece John. I love the clean, simple, and elegant concept.

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