Freezing in Frisco

Less than a week after the dawn broke on 2011 I took a trip up north to the city by the bay to do a couple portfolio shows. Some free time in my schedule allowed me to join in the portfolio shows with my rep Lenlee Jenckes. She was eager to start pounding the pavement in 2011. On the way out of town I caught a beautiful sunset at the airport.

The next morning we trudged up California Street with books, iPads and laptops in tow and our caterer with breakfast goodies right in front of us pushing his delivery cart. Such is a portfolio show in the big city! A glance at the temperature on a nearby bank confirmed why I was cold. It read 39 degrees! First stop was Goodby, Silverstein and Partners/SF. This shop was agency of the decade in 2010!

The show went well with about 15-20 creatives dropping in to chat and browse portfolios. I was stoked because I got to meet and chat with several creatives and  art buyers on the Chevrolet account. Before we knew it our time was up and it was time to pack up and head for lunch.

Hoofing it, then catching a cab we stopped in at a great hip new seafood place called Anchor & Hope. I loved the two story open warehouse interior with old brick walls and exposed wooden beams above. Very nicely appointed interior space and a killer menu to boot! The lobster roll I had was excellent and I would recommend a visit to this establishment despite it’s mundane exterior.

Next stop was Attik. Another great show here and almost got to meet one of the agency founders as he went from meeting to meeting. We had about 10-15 creatives come by to take a look and chat. I had never been to Attik/SF before so it was great to finally get up there.

After the showing ended I walked back toward my brother’s condo in SOMA.

I passed by The Thirsty Bear and ducked in to taste their IPA. I’m a hophead and it must have been fate that led me past this well-known SF watering hole. I tried the IPA, wasn’t overly impressed, then continued by amble southward.

Along the way I took some photos of the city. There’s nothing like a change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing. Armed only with my iPhone and my G10 I grabbed some fun shots in the chilly afternoon weather.

The next day I wandered around taking pictures and stumbled upon a beautiful train station that yielded some nice iPhone photos.

When I started to lose feeling in my fingers from the 40-degree weather I ducked into The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen.Oh man, was this place incredible. The owner has won the USA National grilled-cheese cookoff three separate years, so I knew this would be good. It was. Roasted tomato soup with garlic-raost beef, grilled cheese on artisan bread. Yum!

After lunch I cabbed it south to the world-famous Anchor Brewery tour. Lenlee had worked some magic to get   me into this tour, which is booked months in advance. The tour was quite informative and I finally learned why they call it “steam” beer. Back in the 1800s when there was no refrigeration to speak of, they cooled the beer overnight in large, shallow “cooling ships.” This made the brewery appear to steam at night and thus the term stuck. This brewery is a stickler for staying with the original brewing process, and continues to use the original copper vessels to boil the wort. After the tour the group was treated to six of Anchor’s finest brews in Anchor’s tap room.

After the tour I took a long walk back to SOMA, snapping photos along the way until the chill gray of the late afternoon forced me to go inside and seek warmth. Overall a great trip to a great city!

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