LA Auto Show Part 1

Oh how I love the LA Auto Show! Its arrival, in a bright and shiny package, not only signals the beginning of the holiday season but it serves as a subtle reminder that we are all a year older. I go to the show for two reasons. The first is to oggle at all the cars and take pictures and the other is to network of course! If I”m lucky I get to see friends in the the biz from years past that for whatever reason our paths have not crossed until the show. It seems to be one of those days when people lower their protective fences a bit and have fun with their peers, cohorts and sometimes even competition. Some of us gorge ourselves on the food and free-flowing champagne many manufacturers offer the press. Other”s of us are on a mission to collect as many freebie, bags and schwag as we can carry. I particularly enjoy having fewer people around and being able to basically have the run of the place.There was plenty to oggle at this year, especially over at the Porsche exhibit. Their food was pretty darn good. People seemed to be less stingy with food and schwag this year. I think I picked up about 10 thumb drives branded with various manufacturers as giveaways, a few bags, an espresso cup from Fiat, and literature of course. Yes, you heard me, Fiat officially launched itself into the maelstrom known as the US auto market at the LA Auto Show. Whew! That there takes some fortitude and I commend them and wish them best of luck. I only posted some of the photos below. The whole gallery is on my Flickr page.
My press pass
South Hall Overview
I love this car!
I would love to photograph this car in the studio!
Cadillac Crossover Concept
Cool Rover Evoque Wireframe Art
SMART Electric Bicycle

2011 Cayman Launch Event
Hi-$$$ models surround the Cayman R
Quite The Show for the Paparazzi!
2011 Porsche Cayman R
This car was getting no attention.

Stay tuned for the second part of my 2010 LA Auto Show post.

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