LA Auto Show Part 2

After stuffing myself on hors d”ouvres and chardonnay at the Porsche Cayman R launch party went back over to the main hall for more exhibits.
Stunningly beautiful Jaguar concept car
This thing looks FAST!
Scion had an impressive display as expected.

The Fisker Karma

Fisker had a very good spot just inside the main entry doors to the hall. There were so many people around the Karma, that I could barely get a shot off. That car is hot. They are using a new, proprietary paint job using glass flakes to make it shimmer more. Seems to have worked. The paint job is stunning!

The top of the roof on the Fisker Karma is all solar cells.

Next up was a trip over to Subaru where I caught the launch of the 4-door Impreza concept. I was not aware of the details until the launch, but apparently Subaru is doing quite well, even setting sales records despite the tough economic conditions currently present in the North American auto market. After the launch it was more free-flowing champagne and branded thumb drive giveaways. It doesn”t get much better than strolling the auto show with a glass of champagne. Life is good!

Subaru Impreza Concept Launch
Subaru Impreza Concept
Subaru Impreza Concept Launch
Subaru 2011 STI
A very sleek, sexy BMW 6-Series Coupe
Yes, that is a Fiat!

Showing the ultimate in fortitude Fiat re-enters the North American auto market with the Fiat 500. I didn”t spend much time at the Fiat exhibit. These cars do absolutely nothing for me. I did pick up a nice Fiat-branded espresso cup and thumb drive. Thanks Fiat!Stay tuned for part 3 in my LA Auto Show series.

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