On Location in Mammoth Part 2

OK – So we recently hit the road to Mammoth. A fun six-hour one-way road trip with my producer, my assistant Tim and my agency client. I know what you’re thinking…six hours in the car with your client! But this client is super-cool and fun to be with so the ride just blew by.

After a pit stop at In N Out in Lancaster we hit the open road leaving the babylon shitsdem of LA behind. Such a great feeling – even when in a car!

After about four hours we stopped in Bishop for jerky at the world famous smoked meats establishment.

$50 bucks in jerky later we were ready to trade the Buttermilks for Mammoth Mountain.

As we turned right on Minaret Road in Mammoth and rounded the corner past the Village here is what we saw.

Incredible! But hey I was worried since we needed no snow on our driveway for a snow shot of a car in front of a cabin. (yes that’s right – legal team of manufacturer stated no snow in the driveway for safety reasons) And it was 23 degrees and dumping! I knew it would be OK though since we had a team of snow melter on standby for the morning to melt the snow and dry it off the driveway if need be.

Downtown Mammoth at 3:00pm.

Driving through near-blizzard conditions

we pulled in to the carport at the Mammoth Mountain Inn.

Damn it was cold. 19 degrees and blowing snow in my face at 25 mph! We hurriedly unloaded and retreated into the lodge.

….to be continued …

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