Starting 2009 Without a Rep

I started off 2009 with a big change. I parted ways with Rich Hall who had been my rep of many years. Nothing precipitated this decision, I just felt like the time had come for change. We had a good, long run together and I wish him the best.

Since then I have been quite busy having to do all the promotion, and estimating that he had always handled. But it has been exciting and rewarding putting forward the energy with my producer to design and orchestrate the promos, portfolios and email campaigns…and see the results!

I recently did my first emailer campaign in Europe through Agency Access and had a 30.59% open rate and a 15.67% click-through rate which if you know email numbers are outstanding. My guess is that alot of people in Europe had never heard of me so they clicked through out of curiosity. Let’s hope they take advantage of the weak dollar and come across the Pond to work with me.

Alot of people of people ask me if I am looking for a new rep right away. I’ve sought the counsel of several art buyers, a couple of which advised me I might not need a rep since I am a known entity. While I tend to agree to some extent, the right rep can bring alot to the table and elevate the photographer beyond the sum of their parts. But the wrong rep can act as an anchor or could even keep the photographer from getting some jobs. So the answer is yes I’m looking, but I’m in no hurry.

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