Shooting For Toyo Tires

I recently finished up a photo shoot for Toyo Tires. Toyo Tires was new client for me and I was very excited to be called upon to work for them. I got to work with a wonderful group of creative people from The Garrigan Lyman Groupon the project. The crew was extra solid, which made the shoot a breeze!

Toyo Tires shoot group shot.

The shoot entailed producing photo assets for the Toyo Tires website re-design GLG was working on. We got to shoot nine different vehicles, each one representing a different segment of types of tires Toyo sells. That was the coolest part of the shoot because on most car shoots we are working with just one car or model. Another unique part of the Toyo shoot was that we got to shoot some privately-owned, highly-customized vehicles.

For example, we shot this tricked-out BMW M3 for the high-end sports car tire segment.




605 HP BMW M3

For the ultra-premium sports car/racing tire segment we shot this custom Nissan Skyline GTR. This car had a flat off-white paint job. This was the first time I had ever shot anything like that!

Custom Nissan Skyline GTR

For the off-road segment we got to shoot this really cool Jeep:

The Jeep is on set.

It was very important to maintain attention to the tires in the shot by use of lighting. You can almost feel how sticky the tires are!

When a new car comes in, the floor gets a fresh coat of paint so tire tracks don’t reflect in the paint.

The cove floor getting a fresh coat of paint.

As the photo team was at work inside the studio, the next vehicle on deck got prepped and cleaned outside by the car prep team. On deck here is a cherry Ford Mustang.

A sweet mustang basking in the setting sun.




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