Recent Shoot For Line 6

I shot a job late last year for a very cool company that makes really cool musical instruments and accessories for musicians. Line 6 contacted me because they wanted to step up the quality of their photography on their website. Here’s what Dave Patrikios, Creative Manager of Marketing for Line 6 had to say about working with me:

We chose John to shoot the Line 6 StageScape M20d specifically because of his automotive work. Our product is a real paradigm shift in the world of live sound mixers – it’s a smarter, faster, more elegant machine that required a photographer able to accentuate its lines and contours, capture its personality and give it the thoughtful, careful treatment it deserves.

Working with John was a real pleasure. He’s willing to try new things, get his hands dirty and do what it takes to get the best shot. My team is extremely satisfied with the outcome and sure that his incredible photos will support the success of our product.

The people from Line 6 were really wonderful people and I enjoyed collaborating with them. We got some really great shots of their ground-breaking mixer that they were very happy with. I wasn’t able to show the shots until recently, when the new mixer was released to the public.

One of the shots being used at front page.

Here are a couple of the shots I delivered to Line 6.

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