May San Francisco Trip Part 1

Our show @ GSSP

Last week I got back from a two week portfolio-showing-stock-shooting trip, or “photo-cation” as I like to call it. My rep Lenlee Jenckes had assembled her entire roster of five photographers from around the country for a week of portfolio shows. Rather than duplicate her efforts, you can read the whole story on her blog. I’ll just hit the highlights and fun stuff.

After our second review at Goodby we headed to Union Square for a photo shoot. We wanted to thank Clorox for our show the day before and introduce the three photographers that were unable to make it. So after enjoying an adult beverage or two in the magnificent summer-like weather, we donned white t-shirts and started getting dirty. I took to the streets and rubbed my shirt all over the dirtiest tires I could find. I’m sure some people found me as looney as some of the other loonies in town.

Fellow photographer James Quantz Jr. shot the picture and has a great account of his retouching process for the shot on his blog. Excellent job and thank you Jay!

After we wrapped the photo shoot we took a cab ride that nearly cost us our lives or at least the urine our bladders. We were headed to La Mar for drinks and maaaybe a table when Ali our cabbie du jour arrived. This guy loved to drive fast with reckless abandon, and wanton disrehard for public safety.

Look out people!

He never hit anyone but he came close and he must have broken hundreds of laws in less than a mile! But personally, I loved it. The guy was actually a good driver just going waaay to fast for the amount of traffic and pedestrians around. I rode shotgun and was getting into it, taking pictures. Kind of like being in the front car on a roller coaster. The ride is always fun up there. In the back, sometimes not so much.

The boys look to be enjoying themselves.

Just after the picture above was snapped the girls pleaded for Ali to slow down. He thought they were joking at first but then eventually slowed it down a bit.

The food and drinks at La Mar were spectacular.

The next day before our shows, I treated myself to lunch at The Slanted Door. This wonderful up-scale Vietnamese fusion restaurant is right in the Ferry Building. A beautiful location, delicious food and steep city prices to match. I only wish they had some local beer offerings on draft instead of all bottled foreign beers. I had the grapfruit and jicama salad with shredded slaw. It was divine.

Grapefruit and jicama salad @ The Slanted Door

After the roster left town I checked out a couple of the local well-known craft brew locations. The first was The Monk’s kettle in San Francisco. This gastropub is the first place I have seen with such an extensive beer menu. They have 24 taps and a six page single-spaced menu of bottled beers including many that are aged. That is a first for me to see as well.

Beer menu @ The Monk's Kettle

The next day I drove north looking for beautiful subjects to photograph in the Pt. Reyes area. Along the way I stopped in at Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma. I figured I’d drop in and sample a beer at the taproom and then buy a pint glass and hat for my collection and be on my way. I rolled up around 5:15pm on a Monday. After eventually locating the Beer Sanctuary, I headed in.

Lagunitas Brewing Beer Sanctuary

After passing through I came upon a rather large gentleman strategically seated next to the entrance to the taproom and beer gardens. “A bouncer?” I thought. What for up here in the country? Well, when I got waved upstairs into the employees-only “Loft” above the brewery I should have known something was up….

…. to be continued….

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