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New Work With Acura & Razorfish

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Genex and then MXM for many of the past years on cool projects for Acura. Times change and the MXM has passed over the reigns to Mullen and Razorfish. This is a new 360 panoramic interior I shot with Razorfish. Full disclosure: I did not shoot the background image. It was supplied by the agency and I integrated in into the interior, which was shot in the studio at Kirby Studios in Los Angeles.

Here is the final image:


Final Image


Here is a screen grab of the image as used on the RDX 360 interior gallery section of

Screen Grab from

Screen Grab from

APA-LA’s “Off The Clock” Personal Work

Recently, some of my personal work was selected to be included in the APA-LA’s “Off The Clock,” a curated personal photography exhibition. The event was curated by Melvin Sokolsky. This exhibit was kicked off with a gallery show at the Santa Monica Art Studios on April 25, 2015. It will spend the next year traveling around these Los Angeles ad agencies on display in their lobbies: TBWA/Chiat, Deutsch, Ignited, and Saatchi.

Here is the shot that was selected.

Taking Flight

“Taking Flight”